DHEIDigital Head End Interface
DHEIDigital Headend Expansion Interface (broadcasting)
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The encoder can interface with all industry standard network interfaces, including DVB/SPI, DVB/ASI, DHEI, SMPTE 310M, dual DS-3, dual E-3, STM-1, and OC-3 and is engineered for remote network management.
The DSTS now supports 10 different interchangeable electrical interfaces, including the DHEI interface demonstrated at the Western Show.
In addition to DHEI, the other interfaces include: a High Speed Serial (HSS) interface compatible with General Instrument's DigiCipher-II and Broadcom's QAMLink digital broadcast equipment; a combination DVB Synchronous Parallel Interface (SPI) and Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) compatible with all equipment using this defacto European digital broadcast standard; and SMPTE 310M, the recently accepted ATSC standard for digital terrestrial broadcast of SDTV and HDTV transmissions.
The DHEI interface was specified by General Instrument Corporation and has been incorporated into the majority of its next-generation digital-video equipment.
The Logic Innovations' DSTS, which is designed for the capture and playback of digital transport streams such as MPEG-2 and DVB(R), now includes a powerful option for direct connections to DHEI compatible equipment.
The DSTS's open-platform configuration is further enhanced by support for the new DHEI standard.