DHEMDifferential Hall Effect Microscopy
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Both the results from the DHEM data and the high-grade base metal intersections confirm the potential for a steeply ENEplunging mineralised system.
Hence it is not surprising that Silver Swan is buoyed by the latest DHEM survey as there is tangible potential that Austin could extend over half a kilometer down plunge.
The DHEM survey was undertaken following the completion of a second round of RC drilling at 4-Mile.
Deinotherium pentapotamiae was found in the middle Miocene of the Lower Siwaliks (Dhem, 1963; Sarwar, 1977).
Nao foram observados efeitos do tipo de suplemento (P>0,05) sobre os coeficientes de digestibilidade avaliados (Tabela 2): materia organica (DMO, %), fibra em detergente neutro (DFDN, %), celulose (DCEL, %), hemicelulose (DHEM, %) e digestibilidade real da materia organica (DMOr, %).
With: Djolof Mbengue, Delphine Zingg, Samir Guesmi, Theophile Moussa Sowie, Thierno Ndiaye Doss, Bass Dhem.
The two key objectives of the Silver Swan program were met; firstly, to de-risk the existing inferred resource where the latest massive sulphide intersections were found to be on par with or wider than expectations, and secondly to extend the size of the Silver Swan resource through strategically placed step-out holes based on geology and downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) anomalism.
Downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) surveys were completed on three holes (WKRC4 was blocked and could not be surveyed).
With: Sophie Blondy, Paul Tang, Guillaume Depardieu, Bass Dhem, Laura Favali, Bruno Esposito, John Berry.
The drilling program consists of approximately 4,000m of drilling in 19 holes across three target areas including down plunge extensions and DHEM conductors at Blind Calf as well as a number of parallel lodes to the north west, south and south east of the Blind Calf-Dunbars system.