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DHEPDistributed Hardware Evolution Project
DHEPDepartment of Health Education and Promotion (East Carolina University; Greenville, NC)
DHEPDivision of High Energy Physics
DHEPDivision of Health Education and Promotion (US CDC)
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The DHEP is a two-year entry programme for those who have graduated with a degree, leading to a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice.
This commercial process will be to identify the longer-term provider(s) for the pcda and dhep as the forces move fully into the police education qualification framework (peqf).
Pharmacokinetics of diclofenac hydroxyethylpyrrolidine (DHEP) plasters in patients with monolateral knee joint effusion.
The DHEP diffusion rates in water, artificial saliva, and human saliva were even slower than those predicted by Fick's equation for molecular diffusion.