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Dhers capped off several strong runs in a 10-minute jam session with a 720-degree spin, overcoming silver medalist Diago Canina of Brazil and bronze-medalist Rob Darden of Greenville, N.
But that didn't mean Dhers didn't sweat it out waiting for Cranmer's score.
CooperVision has teamed up with BMX biking phenom and Dew Tour winner Daniel Dhers and gold-medal-winning soccer star Heather O'Reilly to help spread the word to teens.
They included: Bucky Lasek (USA), Bob Burnquist (Brazil), Dave Mirra (USA), Ryan Nyquist (USA), Jamie Bestwick (England), Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Canada), Paul Rodriguez (USA), Takeshi Yasutoko (Japan), Jake Brown (Australia), Daniel Dhers (Venezuela) and Fabiola da Silva (Brazil).
Some of the industry's superstars expected to participate include Bob Burnquist (BRA), Daniel Dhers (VEN), Jamie Bestwick (UK), Paul Rodriguez, (USA), Pierre-Luc Gagnon (CAN), Simon Tabron (UK), Ryan Guettler (AUS), Chad Kagy (USA), and Rob Darden (USA).