DHESDynamic Heat Exhaust System
DHESDirect Heat Exhaust System
DHESDepartment of Health and Environmental Sciences
DHESDivision for Higher Education and Schools (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
DHESDivision of Health Examination Statistics (National Center for Health Statistics)
DHESDepartment of Health Evaluation Sciences (University of Virginia)
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DSC said the DHES classifies data on students in Dubai universities and graduates in its higher education institutions according to categories such as nationality and field of study.
DHES data shows that the total number of students enrolled in higher education institutions in Dubai in the 2017/2018 academic year was 55,820, of which 19,063 were Emirati and 36,757 were non-Emirati.
DHES data showed that in the academic year of 2016/ 2017 the total number of graduate students stood at 13,646, of which 4,453 were Emiratis and 9,193 were non-Emiratis.
All students at DHES have their own iPad which they use throughout the day.
We hoped that the DHES would give reassurance about the value of specialist vocational training but it doesn't.
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A view of the Al Bayt Al Kamel solar house, one of the 15 houses participating in the contest.- Photo by Dhes Handumon
A view of the Future HAUS by Virginia Tech displayed at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.- Photo by Dhes Handumon