DHEUDex Health Exchange USA (Denver, CO)
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Dimethylol dihydroxy ethylene urea (DMDHEU) and Dihydroxy ethylene urea (DHEU) (Scheme 1) are the most commonly used crosslinking agents in the textile industry.
Sangay Dolma, a 17-year-old nun, set herself on fire at Bharkor village, 18-year-old Kunchok Tsering died after setting fire to himself at the entrance of mining field in Achok town in Labrang in north-eastern Tibet and Gonpo Tsering, a 24-year-old set fire to himself in front of the prayer hall of Ala Dheu Monastery at Luchu in Kanlho in north-eastern Tibet.
"We expect them to wear each pair for 30 days," says Francital director Patrice Dheu. If the cloth fails, another French product might provide relief--cloth embedded with perfume that is released by a light touch.
The reaction was cooled to room temperature, neutralized, and evaporated to near dryness by rotary evaporator to yield crude 4,5-dihydroxyethylene urea (DHEU).