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However, after [beta]-glucuronidase treatment CA, its O-methylated products FA and IFA and the hydrogenation products DHCA and DHFA could be identified.
The plasma concentration curves of nonconjugated DHFA and total DHFA after enzymatic hydrolysis of conjugates showed parallel profiles (Fig.
The time courses of total CA, DHCA, FA, DHFA and IFA concentrations found in human plasma after administration of extract A are shown in Fig.
The elimination half-lives of CA, DHCA, DHFA and IFA were between 2 and 3 h after administration of both treatments.
Cumulatively renally excreted amounts of free and conjugated CA, DHCA, FA, DHFA and IFA in 24-h after administration of extracts A and B were 4.
However, the results of this study demonstrate that after ingestion of ALE conjugates of DHCA, FA, DHFA and IFA and nonconjugated DHFA are formed as metabolites from caffeoylquinic acids.
In contrast, peak plasma concentrations of total DHCA and DHFA occurred after 6-7 h.
Dose-adjusted bioavailability and pharmacokinetic parameters of total CA, DHCA, FA, DHFA and IFA did not differ significantly (p < 0.