DHFDDurham Highway Fire Department (North Carolina)
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Moreover, NOx levels in DHFD (4.16 [+ or -] 1.18 [micro]M) were significantly lower than in DFD (4.86 [+ or -] 1.22 [micro]M, p = 0.037).
Supplementary Table 1 shows the mean [+ or -] SD values of serum NOx and N[O.sub.2.sup.-] in the study group including 8 study categories (DFA, DFD, DF-CON, DHFA, DHFC, DHFD, DHF-CON, and HC) with respective sample numbers.
Figure 2(a) * Significant difference between DFA and DHFA, DHFC, DHFD, HC (p < 0.002).