DHHDepartment of Health and Hospitals (Louisiana)
DHHDeaf or Hard of Hearing
DHHDoppelhaushäfte (German: semi-detached house)
DHHDanske Hønse Hunde (Danish gaming and friendship clan)
DHHDenver Department of Health and Hospitals
DHHDeutscher Hochseesportverband Hansa eV (German sailing instruction company)
DHHDunsborough Holiday Homes (Australia)
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The history of efforts to educate DHH learners is a controversial one, particularly with regard to program placement and, relatedly, the language of instruction.
As a case in point occurred late last year when DHH offered the Battle Honour "Niagara" (in this case, the Battle of Lundy's Lane, fought on July 25, 1814) to four Ontario militia regiments on the basis that they perpetuate the Incorporated Militia Battalion of 1812-1815, which received the honour from British authorities.
DHH first commissioned this survey from Louisiana State University's Public Policy Research Laboratory in 2003 to get better, more specific data on the uninsured, which state health officials have used to reduce the number of uninsured children in Louisiana each year.
At press time, the Louisiana DHH had gathered 162 reports of spill-related illnesses-128 in workers and 34 in member of the general public.
Cerise of DHH, 26 primary health care sites are in the New Orleans area, including federally qualified health centers, Tulane University and Louisiana State University outpatient clinics, and mobile and nonprofit clinics.
When DHH (played by Hoon Lee) follows the "Saigon" controversy by mistakenly casting a white actor to play an Asian for his new play, the fallout sets our identity-bereft hero adrift.
22) DND, DHH, File 76/109, Bishop Ryan of Hamilton to Prime Minister Mackenzie King, 16 September 1939.
PANIC DHH, or Panic Drives Human Herds to give them their full moniker, fuse punk and metal with the industrial soundscapes of Ministry and Skinny Puppy, adrenalised with electronic experimentation to create something dark yet full of exhilarating life.
The DHH represents the net change in households each year within an MSA.