DHHDepartment of Health and Hospitals (Louisiana)
DHHDeaf or Hard of Hearing
DHHDoppelhaushäfte (German: semi-detached house)
DHHDanske Hønse Hunde (Danish gaming and friendship clan)
DHHDenver Department of Health and Hospitals
DHHDeutscher Hochseesportverband Hansa eV (German sailing instruction company)
DHHDunsborough Holiday Homes (Australia)
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Existe evidencia que embriones que no expresan DHH en las celulas sustentaculares presentan una poblacion reducida de celulas intersticiales fetales, con la consecuente produccion insuficiente de androgenos, ocasionando en el descenso testicular, atrofia genital y desarrollo de genitalia externa ambigua (Bitgood et al.
While the inspirational roots of the main character DHH can be traced back to two canonical American plays and playwrights, the play's format stems from the realm of documentary theatre (also known as verbatim theatre), and its influence over Yellow Face and Hwang is far more significant than that of Williams and O'Neill.
DHH Recalls Oysters and Closes Oyster Harvesting Area.
Nick Webb of DHH Accountants said this was the right move in a significant year for the practice.
Kids Premier League 40 overs cricket tournament: DHH Spero XI bt Durham by 43 runs.
In the current research, we are interested in combining these two approaches to benefit from an effective and useful educational game geared toward the DHH learners.
The history of efforts to educate DHH learners is a controversial one, particularly with regard to program placement and, relatedly, the language of instruction.
DHH tries unsuccessfully to have Marcus fired, and both he and his protege become involved in a national investigation that involves DHH's father, a bank owner.
With the hospital privatization changes that have occurred recently, DHH wants to know what specifically it can expect from LSU, she said.
Graves, a thriller DHH staff member and an historian who has published eight books and dozens of articles on the War of 1812.