DHHCDeaf and Hard of Hearing Center (various locations)
DHHCDeaf/Hard of Hearing Connection (Muskegon, MI)
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The transaction occured through an equity purchase and contribution agreement, whereby Concentra will acquire all issued and outstanding shares of stock of US HealthWorks from DHHC.
DHHC enzymes, also called palmitoyltransferases, modify other proteins by attaching to them a chain of lipids, or fatty acids, of varying lengths.
The current study details the structures of a human DHHC enzyme, DHHC20, and the zebrafish version of another DHHC enzyme, DHHC15.
Mutations in DHHC enzymes are associated with various cancers and neurological disorders, according to Anirban Banerjee, Ph.D., the studys lead author and head of NICHDs Unit on Structural and Chemical Biology of Membrane Proteins.
The researchers propose that the structure of this site explains why different DHHC enzymes use certain lipid chains to modify the functions of other proteins.
Thus, DHHCs represent a potential target for treatment of multiple diseases, and drugs against DHHC proteins are currently under development [36].
A Golgi apparatus-specific protein with a DHHC zinc finger domain (GODZ) was reported to have a PAT activity for the AMPAR [170].
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DHHC signed and Islamic Financing Agreement with Saudi British Bank (SABB) for a total Murabaha financing amounted of SAR 955.5 million ($58 million).