DHHCDeaf and Hard of Hearing Center (various locations)
DHHCDeaf/Hard of Hearing Connection (Muskegon, MI)
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DHHC signed and Islamic Financing Agreement with Saudi British Bank (SABB) for a total Murabaha financing amounted of SAR 955.
Topics include AMPA receptor trafficking, long-term plasticity at inhibitory synapses, proteomics of the PSD, phosphorylation of site-specific antibodies, protein palmitoylation by the DHHC protein family, antibody labeling and biotinylation approaches to study neurotransmitter receptors, visualization of AMPAR trafficking and surface expression, neurotransmitter dynamics, receptors dynamics and functional tagging, RNAi and applications in neurobiology, transfecting and transducing neurons, expression of recombinant proteins in rat brains using Sindbus virus, Lentivirus-based genetic manipulation, AMPA receptor phosphorylation in synaptic plasticity, and genomic and post-genomic tools for studying synapse biology.