DHHLDepartment of Hawaiian Home Lands
DHHLDown Home Healthy Living (Atlanta, GA)
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HIPH has an additional 65 applications pending for the DHHL project.
the activities that DHHL is involved in have an impact on the community, not just the Hawaiian community, but the community in general.
is a rural telecommunications company that has an exclusive agreement with DHHL to provide telephone service to the agency's 69 noncontiguous parcels totaling some 200,000 acres and located on the six major Hawaiian Islands.
The infrastructure that SIC builds comes at no cost to DHHL or its beneficiaries, which means the department saves millions of dollars and eventually more Hawaiians can be settled on homelands at an accelerated rate.
Housing construction for the DHHL project is expected to top $12 million with an additional $7.
Shin, who met that DHHL requirement and had done smaller developments on Oahu and the Big Island, was interested in bigger leagues but needed the expertise and connections of Richards, who brought Wal-Mart and Safeway to Kona.
In addition to lease payments to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), the contract between the agency and KIUC calls for ownership of the solar array to transfer to DHHL after 25 years.
for the East-West Road in East Kapolei II; compiling and submitting documentation to C&C for East-West Road, Road E, Kapolei Parkway, and roads within the Kanehili Subdivision; follow-through and coordination between DHHL and C&C as required.
The primary purposes for these conceptual plans are: 1) as a comprehensive guide for transit-oriented development/redevelopment of DHHLs lands, over time, in three (3) areas on Oahu; 2) to assist the City and County of Honolulu with planning for future infrastructure needs in the particular development area; and 3) to assist with the coordination of DHHLs TOD plans with other adjacent landowners plans.