DHIMDaewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd. (forklift maker; South Korea)
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Dhim said the conference will promote the exchange of ideas and encourage collaboration to promote public health.
AMAZONAS) Actividad Biologica Dosis Veneno Letalidad ([DL.sub.50]) 3,07 [+ o -] 0,52 mg/kg Hemorragica (DDM) 5,28 [+ o -] 0,37 [micron]g Edematizante (DEM) 0,84 [+ o -] 0,16 [micron]g Desfibrinante (DDM) 5 [micron]g Coagulante (DCM) 7,66 [+ o -] 0,48 [micron]g Hemolitica Indirecta (DHIM) 2,75 [+ o -] 0,36 [micron]g [DL.sub.50]: dosis letal cincuenta via IP.
197-200: Dahl expends a good deal of effort to try and understand the use of the imperfect in passages like X.133.2ab tvam sindh[u.bar]nr av[a.bar]sorjo / (a)dhar[a.bar]co ahann dhim, where one finds a chronologically inverted order between two causally related events.
From such syntagms as Rigvedic ahann dhim (I.32.1, etc.) 'he slew the serpent', Young Avestan (yo) janat azim dahakam (Y.