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DHISDistributed Heterogeneous Information System
DHISDynamic Host Information System
DHISDistrict Health Information System (various locations)
DHISDeaf & Hard of Hearing Interpreting Services, Inc.
DHISDynamic Host Information Services
DHISDefense Human Intelligence Service (US DoD; Defense Intelligence Agency)
DHISDistributed Heterogeneous Information Systems
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DHIS is the most critical area in the health care system.
As the provinces are strategizing for their respective health sector programs,15 it is an opportunity to do a stock-taking of the DHIS program.
SWOT analysis was done based on interviewing 30 health workers related to DHIS from two districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Integration of public and private health sector need###No political commitment to the system DHIS
District Swabi was the pilot district during implementation of DHIS in Pakistan in 2006 while Nowshera is the neighboring district of District Swabi.
Strengths: Findings of interviewing the health staff: DHIS coordinators from both the districts informed about the timely submission of monthly reports to district health office from over two third of the heath facilities of the district.
DHIS has been implemented uniformly throughout the country.
Weaknesses: Findings of interviewing the health staff: Several of the respondents admitted that there has been a lack of good governance regarding DHIS program.
Following findings were sought on reviewing the published papers: No clear DHIS policy guidelines and responsibilities of health workers at every level.
DHIS is lacking of integration of various public health programs especially EPI and National program for FP and PHC after the devolution of health to the provinces after 18th amendment in constitution 1973.
DHIS links consumers to the deaf youth population through mentoring programs that enhance language and living skills, while promoting their independence and dignity through cooperative efforts with other community-based service providers and educational entities.
For more information about sign language interpreters available through DHIS or other available services for deaf and hard of hearing older adults and their families visit www.