DHKDiffie-Hellman Key (computer and information science)
DHKDurangaldeko Herri Komunikabideak
DHKD Home-Otik (French electronic equipment wholesaler)
DHKDortmunder Helfen Kurden (German charity)
DHKDischarge Hose Kit
DHKDansk Hyrdehunde Klub (Danish: Danish Shepherd Dog Club)
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At last a day came when he did not see Gray Brother at the signal place, and he laughed and headed the buffaloes for the ravine by the dhk tree, which was all covered with golden-red flowers.
Here we presented a case of DHK improved with oral acitretin that represents a distinct entity with a unique presentation [1].
In the present study, we investigated whether antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activities of DHK were involved in the protective effect of DHK on DR in STZ-induced diabetic rats.
Risk of bias was assessed independently by two authors (CKK, DHK) using the Cochrane Collaboration's tool for assessing risk of bias, which includes judgments of "low," "high," or "unclear" risk of bias stemming from the following seven domains [15]: (1) random sequence generation; (2) allocation concealment; (3) blinding of participants and personnel; (4) blinding of outcome assessor; (5) incomplete outcome data; (6) selective reporting; and (7) other sources of bias.
At a press conference held on the announcement of the launch by DHK Africa of a project for the recovery of waste and the production of renewable energy, Tarek Draouil said this project, whose cost is estimated at aAeu 250 million will contribute significantly to the implementation of the employment strategy by creating 25 industrial units in several governorates.
otherwise 0 2004) and country reports (UNCTAD for multiple years) Dhk Dummy variable.
(2.) Verhovsek M, Henderson MPA, Cox G, Luo HY, Steinberg MH, Chui DHK. Unexpectedly low pulse oximetry measurements associated with variant hemoglobin: a systematic review.
The department that runs the hostels, the Desk for Hostels and Kindergartens (DHK), relies heavily on donor funding.
1997; Lebot 2006; Schmidt 2007; WHO 2007): kavain (K), dihydrokavain (DHK), methysticin (M), dihydromethysticin (DHM), yangonin (Y), and desmethoxyyango-nin (DMY).
[14] KIM, KS.; LEE, DHK. Effects of low incident evergy levels of infrared laser irradiation on the proliferation of Stretococus mutans.