DHMHDepartment of Health and Mental Hygiene (Maryland)
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Flavivirus and chikungunya virus tests were performed at the Maryland DHMH Laboratories Administration.
For example, representatives from MDE and DHMH routinely participate in monthly meetings of the Maryland Conference of Local Environmental Health Directors (MCLEHD).
The investigation was conducted at six hospitals that collectively reported to DHMH 76% of the 118 aseptic meningitis cases from Baltimore City and County.
Under the terms of the agreement, CSC will develop and implement a new enterprise MMIS solution for healthcare administration supporting MD DHMH.
irms|PM provides the DHMH with a patient management solution to quickly and efficiently manage registration, treatment, transfer and discharge of an unlimited number of patients in day-to-day operations and in temporary emergency facilities.
After the initial cases were identified, enhanced surveillance was conducted, including postings on the CDC (Epidemic Information Exchange (Epi-X) and a rapid review of all DHMH case report forms for LD.
As a condition of these grants, DHMH is required annually to facilitate drills and exercises throughout Maryland that demonstrate specified emergency preparedness and response capabilities.
Check our email for DHMH alerts with information that nurses need to know, about everything from changes in the virus to state disaster plans and needs.
To support the DHMH's TPL initiatives, HMS will provide data matches, cost avoidance and provider overpayment review services, as well as recovery services for the DHMH.
Macro has conducted the Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) and the Adult Tobacco Survey (ATS) for DHMH since their inceptions in fall 2000.
Hussein Director of the DHMH Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities, and Frances B.
GP in collaboration with the DHMH Office of Preparedness and Response developed, coordinated, and conducted a modified functional preparedness and response exercise with embedded full-scale components.