DHMODental Health Maintenance Organization (insurance)
DHMODi-Hydrogen Monoxide (water)
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Employees can use a DHMO immediately and don't have the waiting periods associated with many traditional dental plans.
For those who have developed a dependency on DHMO, complete withdrawal means certain death."
DHMO is better known as [H.sub.2]O - that is, water.
Guardian Life Insurance Managed Dental Care DHMO (CA)
Cigna Dental and Vision Cigna Dental Care (DHMO); Cigna Dental
Proposers must submit proposals on a prepaid (DHMO) and PPO plan; and, are encouraged to submit proposals on other plan designs as well.Each plan will be evaluated on its own merits in terms of meeting specifications, terms and conditions, pricing and overall responsiveness to this Request for Proposal.
It is not unheard of for a broker to implement a CDHC, HDHP with an HSA/LPFSA and HRA wrap on a PPO platform pre-taxed through a POP plan, bridged with a VB GAP plan, a DHMO, and LTD/STD offering all while remaining compliant with COBRA, HIPAA and ERISA and up-to-date with HCR and PPACA.
Waiting periods / Length No waiting periods on DHMO Plans;
The City of Sacramento is seeking a vendor(s) to provide PPO and DHMO services at the same level as
of America, New York, with responsibilities for PPO and DHMO network development and development of national DHMO plans, including the quality management program.
Product name CIGNA Dental Care (DHMO); CIGNA Dental
Obtain a dental plan through a single source dental care organization* capable of offering DHMO and PPO options.