DHMODental Health Maintenance Organization (insurance)
DHMODi-Hydrogen Monoxide (water)
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Employees can use a DHMO immediately and don't have the waiting periods associated with many traditional dental plans.
In addition to access to the nation's largest network, Cigna's DHMO customers also have access to a live Dental Information Line staffed with health care professionals 24/7/365 for any oral health related questions.
Guardian's Enhanced Managed DentalGuard DHMO plan coverage also includes:
Guardian Life Insurance First Commonwealth DHMO (IL, IN, MI, MO)
The launch of Lincoln DentalConnect(SM) DHMO allows employers to give more flexibility and choices to employees located in these states," said Sue Wright, Assistant Vice President, Dental Product Development.
A DHMO can be an attractive solution for both employers and employees because of the lower benefits costs.
It is not unheard of for a broker to implement a CDHC, HDHP with an HSA/LPFSA and HRA wrap on a PPO platform pre-taxed through a POP plan, bridged with a VB GAP plan, a DHMO, and LTD/STD offering all while remaining compliant with COBRA, HIPAA and ERISA and up-to-date with HCR and PPACA.
Siegel created a partnership between MetLife PPO Dental, in Colorado, and the state's leading DHMO provider, Beta Dental.
Waiting periods / Length No waiting periods on DHMO Plans;
DentalXChange provides a robust suite of near real-time revenue management services including electronic claims processing and online claim status reporting, electronic remittance advise, eligibility and benefits, DHMO rosters and reporting, payment processing, and patient financing, enabling providers to lower costs, reduce paperwork headaches and improve service to patients.
The ClaimConnect application supports the most inclusive suite of claim-related services available, including claims processing, real-time transactions and DHMO rosters.
of America, New York, with responsibilities for PPO and DHMO network development and development of national DHMO plans, including the quality management program.