DHMTDistrict Health Management Team
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In justifying the use of actellic, the acting Bobirwa DHMT head said the insecticide had been used effectively in East Africa.
In Burkina Faso, some District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) used their budgets to mitigate delays in reimbursements to health facilities (14), others implemented stock control measures to check non-compliant practices (13) and used subsidies to pay bonuses to health workers (14).
Because the pharmacist was suspected to have died from Ebola, Moyamba DHMT engaged the local village chiefs, youth leaders, the community health officer, and others to ensure community support of rapid response measures.
A positive indication of commitment and capacity to initiate and sustain a limited scale nutrition program in the Omanye District was the DHMT's recognition of children severely underweight and intervention with a locally prepared RUTF.
"There are family planning condoms and others for STIs, but they are all condoms--it seems at the central level the?,, see this differently!" (DHMT member)
Originally produced for internal use by government scientists, toxicologists and regulators of the Medical Toxicology and Environmental Health Division, DHMT provides over a century's worth (from 1888) of comprehensive coverage (in English) on potential hazards to health.
Trained in cohorts, 97 MoHS officials with governance, leadership and managerial responsibilities at the district hospitals and District Health Management Teams (DHMT) have been trained so far.
The Regional Health Directorate and the District Health Management Team (DHMT) provided approval for health facility visits and follow-ups in all 24 visited facilities.
In October 2014, members of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Sierra Leone's Bo District Health Management Team (DHMT), and CDC developed the Community Event-Based Surveillance (CEBS) system* to help strengthen the country's Ebola surveillance and response capabilities.
In each district, the sample included the District Health Management Team (DHMT), the technical assistant managing each donor's programme, the district hospital and 5 to 6 health centres, until we reached saturation of information.
A representative of Pokot South District Health Management Team (DHMT) Thomas Chikichik commended the group: "I encourange more mothers to join the Mother to Mother Support Groups and follow the footsteps of Kapeitum group.
The Interns will work under the primary supervision of the hospital Pharmacist or the DHMT Pharmacist depending on place of deployment, either hospital or clinic based.