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Thus, these two steps resulted in obtaining DOT job title matches for a total of 137 PT job titles (54%), while 117 PT job titles were dropped from further analysis because either agreement could not be reached regarding which DHOC job title matched a specific PT title or all three original raters agreed that no title in the DOT section of the DHOC approximated the PT job title (e.g.
In the third step, we returned to the DHOC to record the Holland environment codes that corresponded to the job titles.
In a similar manner, codes for occupations have also changed somewhat over the years in the three editions of the DHOC (G.
Consequently, one purpose of this study was to analyze the degree of congruence between the DHOC's classification of a specific occupation and workers' classifications of the same occupation using the PCI.
The job title of fishing guide was located in the DHOC (Gottfredson & Holland, 1989) and a three-letter code of RES was identified.
The job title of financial-aid counselor was located in the DHOC and a three-letter code of SEC was identified.
They noted that the DHOC lists customer service representative as CES.
One publication that is often used to assist clients in considering occupations consistent with their personality is the Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes (DHOC; Gottfredson & Holland, 1996).
Students were asked to respond to the following statement: "What type of career are you presently thinking about pursuing?" The title for each career was located in the Directory of Holland Occupational Codes (DHOC; Gottfredson, Holland, & Ogawa, 1982) and assigned its corresponding 3-letter code.
Responses were classified into Holland three-letter codes by trained raters using the Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes (DHOC; G.
Career counselors usually use either the Occupational Finder (Holland, 1996) or the Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes (DHOC; Gottfredson & Holland, 1996) for this purpose.
Each position was classified according to Holland's typology using the Dictionary of Holland Occupational Classification, third edition (DHOC; Gottfredson & Holland, 1996) or the Educational Opportunities Finder (Rosen, Holmberg, & Holland, 1994) and aided by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, revised, 4th edition (DOT; U.S.