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Simon Dove, partner with DHP, which has been marketing the site, said: "This is an excellent deal for all parties.
A person receiving a DHP must already be receiving some housing benefit or universal credit and eligible for some housing costs.
For 2018-19, the DWP has awarded a total of PS153 billion in DHP funding across England and Wales.
More than three quarters of Renfrewshire's DHP budget goes in mitigating the bedroom tax, or "spare room subsidy," with the council having to make up the shortfall in weekly rent.
"Applications are assessed against the DHP policy, which has been approved by the executive, with each application treated on its own merits.
In the female DHP, we found a trend for an effect of OVX (F (1, 21) = 3.574, p = 0.07) but no effect of genotype and no genotype x OVX interaction.
'DHP is a 10-day camping programme designed as a platform for youth development and training in leadership, vocational and entrepreneurial skills as well as Islamic ethics and community service,' Sonaike added.
In our previous studies, we showed that in-utero DHP and DCHP exposures affected the development of male reproductive tract at prepubertal, pubertal, and adult stages of life (17) and exerted genotoxic effects to testicular cells of rats at all stages of development, even at adulthood (18).
DHP Family owner George Akins said: "Birmingham is the UK's second city and has a rich musical heritage but the city centre has lacked a characterful and creative venue for a long time.
Director of operations Anton Lockwood added: "We plan to use the skills and knowledge we've gained from award-winning venues like Rock City, Oslo, Thekla and Rescue Rooms to deliver something exciting that echoes the DHP values and standards but is also a unique experience to Birmingham.
In this paper, ELM algorithm gives random input weights and thresholds to improve the response speed of the DHP algorithm and the stability of the DHP algorithm is improved by calculating the output weights by the regularization principle.