DHPLCdenaturing high-performance liquid chromatography
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Patients B and C, who had quite elevated electrolyte results, had extensive testing by DHPLC and full CFTR gene sequencing and despite these methods being extremely sensitive, no mutations were found.
Cheap, accurate and rapid allele frequency estimation of single nucleotide polymorphisms by primer extension and DHPLC in DNA pools.
Emmerson P, Maynard J, Jones 5, Butler R, Sampson JR, Cheadle JP Characterizing mutations in samples with low-level mosaicism by collection and analysis of DHPLC fractionated heteroduplexes.
All DHPLC results could be reproduced in a second run conducted on another day.
According to the government's announcement the test is a "more accurate genetic testing method, denaturing high performance liquid chromatography, or DHPLC screening.
Varian introduced its first biomolecular standard, the DYS271 DHPLC Standard for validation of denaturing HPLC systems' operation .
The long-established WAVE([R]) HS platform utilizes denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography (DHPLC); this range of systems is used throughout the world to screen for a large variety of diseases and more than 350 human genes have been screened entirely or partly by DHPLC.
Inicialmente la mutacion fue analizada por DHPLC (Wave MD System, Transgenomic) y el analisis de los datos fue realizado con el programa Navigator 1.
DHPLC is based on hetero- or homo-duplex formation and melting-temperature--dependent migration of reannealed amplicons through a solid-phase column.
DHPLC (Denatured High Performance Liquid Chromatography) has been described as a highly effective means of detecting nucleotide sequence difference in PCR-amplified DNA fragments (Martin et al.
For NQO1 exon4 and exon6, MPO promoter and exon 8, and CYP2E1 exon 6, the temperature of the DHPLC column was 63[degrees]C, 60[degrees]C, 60[degrees]C, 63[degrees]C, and 58[degrees]C; the acetonitrile gradient was 53-61%, 54-62%, 63-69%, 58-68%, and 52-58%, respectively.