DHPPDish Home Protection Plan (Dish Network)
DHPPDistemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus (animal vaccine)
DHPPDirected Hamiltonian Path Problem
DHPPDouble-Hole Pencil-Point (spinal needle)
DHPPDover High-Performance Plastics (Dover, OH)
DHPPDivision of High Polymer Physics (American Physics Society)
DHPPDermatite par Hypersensibilité aux Piqûres de Puces (French: Dermatitis by Hypersensitivity to Flea Bites)
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Jude findings give important clues to how the enzyme binds to DHPP and pABA.
Based on these images of the enzyme and its interaction with other molecules, the investigators discovered how it manipulates pABA and DHPP.
The image showed that while this slight change in the shape of a small part of the enzyme made DHPS resistant to sulfa drugs, it did not disrupt the enzyme's ability to combine DHPP and pABA.
b) DHPP (A) IND/PP/5405 (Revision No 1) 2002 KL 45,000
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