DHPSDeoxyhypusine Synthase (enzyme)
DHPSDivision of Health Professions Support (division of US Indian Health Service)
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After calculating DHPS effect size and variance for each individual study, we used a random-effects model to calculate a mean effect size across all studies.
In plant HPPK-DHPS, the DHPS reaction is feedback inhibited by dihydropteroate dihydrofolate and THF-Glu suggesting that this domain could be a potential regulatory point of the mitochondrial branch of folate pathway (Mouillon et al.
leprae is CCC [right arrow] CTC in codon 55 of folPl resulting in the substitution of leucine for a proline residue (Pro55Leu) in the DHPS.
Investigations for DHPS mutations were carried at specific 55th and 57th codon using PCR-RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) assay.
Although the precise relation between mutations in the DHFR and DHPS genes in clinical sulphadoxine-pyremethamine resistance is unclear, current data show that the presence of a sensitive DHFR allele is highly predictive of sulphadoxine-pyremethamine treatment success irrespective of the DHPS allele (51).
To strengthen the study's ecologic validity, DHPS tested the impact of the Coordinated Approach as it could be developed and applied in a realistic community setting.
The DHPS fighters Nils von Blottnitz and Philipp Beddies were on the competition mat for the first time.
Prevalence of DHPS polymorphisms associated with sulfa resistance in South African Pneumocystis jirovecii strains.
Thus, the quasi-independent variable in the DHPS was the presence or absence of the Coordinated Approach to the school health program.
Cambridge was engaged by Canon DHPS to implement personalization and content management applications that will increase its level of business intelligence and provide more detailed information about its customers.
Caption: DHPS Day of Kindness coordinators are from the left, Jana Hecht (intern), Katja Gerber, Nicole Beck, Jutta Pfeifer, Monika Kollmitz, Tanya Beyer, Nicole Moormann and Tahnee Horenburg (project coordinator).