DHRMDepartment of Human Resource Management
DHRMDiploma in Human Resource Management
DHRMDistrict Human Resources Manager
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The DHRM presentation says that Generation X, the group of about 45 million Americans born between about 1964 and 1980, is "possibly the most misunderstood generation.
The divorce rate tripled for their parents, and many grew up latchkey children, according to the DHRM presentation.
The DHRM presentation described that loyalty to self in a slightly different way, saying they want to build a portable career, they are flexible and motivated and they want a sense of freedom by striking a balance between work and life.
According to the DHRM presentation, this is a cyber literate, globally conscious generation.
When it comes to characteristics in the workplace, they are team-oriented workers who value diversity and want work to be meaningful, according to the DHRM report.