DHRSDarjeeling Himalayan Railway Society
DHRsDOCA (Desoxycorticosterone Acetate)/Salt-Induced Hypertensive Rats
DHRSDecay Heat Removal System
DHRSData Handling & Recording System
DHRSDonetsk Human Rights School
DHRSDivision of Human Resource Systems (US NIH)
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For example, DHRS policy renders youths referred for delinquent acts ineligible for diversion programs if their parents or guardians (a) cannot be contacted, (b) are contacted but are unable to be present for an intake interview, or (c) exhibit attitudes and styles of behavior that are perceived as uncooperative to intake staff.
Many must depend on public transportation which may not operate near their homes or DHRS offices.
The head of DHRS India support group, Rajendra Kumar Baid said that they are focussing on the improvement of the DHR services and betterment of the people along the DHR line.