DHSIDoor and Hardware Systems, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
DHSIDivision of Health Sciences Informatics (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD)
DHSIDigital Humanities Summer Institute (University of Victoria; Canada)
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This report provides an overview of DHSI both at headquarters and within the components.
% item nonresponse 2.98 (6.12) 2.58 (5.63) 0.243 DHSI (mean,sd) IBS (diarrhea) [*] 26.4 (20.9) 23.2 (19.4) 0.037 GERD/ulcer 16.3 (14.0) 16.5 (13.5) 0.875 Dysmotility 15.4 (8.6) 14.9 (8.4) 0.423 Constipation 15.9 (14.5) 15.6 (13.7) 0.755 Pain experience 21.4 (19.2) 20.0 (17.5) 0.327 (*)The IBS-diarrhea scale demonstrated a clinically insignificant but small statistically significant difference between the two groups.
The DHSI enterprise consists of those elements within DHS that have an intelligence mission.
Some have argued that there is a broad homeland security intelligence enterprise that encompasses not only DHSI, but other organizations at the Federal, state, local, tribal, and private sector levels that collect and analyze homeland security information and disseminate intelligence products.
It is also the single point of service across DHSI for state, local, and tribal support requests as well as the central point for dissemination of I&A's finished products.
This office is responsible for DHSI integration activities; policies governing enterprise-wide production and standardization of reports; the I&A Strategic Plan; training, and the implementation of a comprehensive information systems architecture.
requires having reliable, real-time information and intelligence to allow the Department to identify and characterize threats uniformly, support security countermeasures, and achieve unity of effort in the response." (238) But, as has been noted, DHSI also has responsibilities to support the Secretary and national leaders with a strategic perspective on a range of "all hazards" homeland security issues including terrorism threats.
(247) DHSI identifies, measures, and monitors the threat variable in the DHS risk equation.