DHSIDigital Humanities Summer Institute (University of Victoria; Canada)
DHSIDoor and Hardware Systems, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
DHSIDivision of Health Sciences Informatics (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD)
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The DHSI enterprise consists of those elements within DHS that have an intelligence mission.
This report will focus on DHSI both at headquarters and within the components; how it is organized; and how it supports key departmental activities to include homeland security analysis and threat warning, border security, critical infrastructure protection, and support to and the sharing of information with state, local, tribal, and private sector partners.
It is also the single point of service across DHSI for state, local, and tribal support requests as well as the central point for dissemination of I&A's finished products.
This office is responsible for DHSI integration activities; policies governing enterprise-wide production and standardization of reports; the I&A Strategic Plan; training, and the implementation of a comprehensive information systems architecture.
But, as has been noted, DHSI also has responsibilities to support the Secretary and national leaders with a strategic perspective on a range of "all hazards" homeland security issues including terrorism threats.