DHSMVDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
DHSMVDivision of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Florida)
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pdf (stating that in 2011, the FDOS and DHSMV examined the records of over 11 million voters to identify noncitizens registered voters.
An upcoming feature will even allow teens to take their DHSMV learners permit test online, meaning there will be no need to visit your local branch.
and provides the following relating to specialty plates: Florida Educational; Save Our Seas; Family First; Sportsmen's National Land Trust; Live the Dream; Discover Florida's Oceans; Family Values; Parents Make A Difference; Support Soccer; Animal Friend; and Kids Deserve Justice--The hill directs the DHSMV to issue a Kids Deserve Justice specialty license plate.
The bill defines "scientific sample survey" as information gathered from a representative subset of the population as a whole; modifies the requirements for specialty license plates to require a scientific sample survey indicating 30,000 motor vehicle owners intend to purchase the proposed plate rather than 15,000 motor vehicle owners; requires the Auditor General to validate the methodology, results, and any evaluation by DHSMV of the scientific sample survey prior to the submission of the specialty license plate for approval by the Legislature; and requires DHSMV to develop design standards for specialty license plates to assist law enforcement in identification of the state of origin of a plate (as to Florida-issued plates).
An information advisory from the DHSMV issued on Aug.
As part of a pending lawsuit, the Florida DHSMV has filed a request for a summary judgment asking that the Court uphold legislation that could bring an end to the award-winning public-private partnership that provides over 2 million Official Florida Driver Handbooks each year at no cost to taxpayers.
the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) contends that proviso language in the 2007 General Appropriations Act and language in the Implementing Bill is unconstitutional because it impairs National Safety Commission's rights under its contract with DHSMV and because it amends substantive law on a topic other than appropriations.
In 2005, DHSMV issued a public Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) to all Florida traffic school providers, informing them of the Department's desire to expand the program and select a private sector partner to bring an inventive approach to printing the new handbooks.
TCATS is the latest step in a long-standing and productive partnership between the Clerks and DHSMV.
He added, "We have expectations for collecting more money on many of those hand-written tickets that are currently unreadable and, at the same time, getting information out faster to DHSMV.
According to Sandy Lambert, director, Division of Driver Licenses, DHSMV, "The new licenses will be faster to make and tougher to fake.
In addition, back office functions such as violation identification and citation creation, review and integration to FL DHSMV via real time data exchange, check workflows will be integrated to provide a turnkey system for enforcement of red light infractions and real-time LPR traffic checks.