DHSMVDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
DHSMVDivision of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Florida)
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To identify potential noncitizen registered voters, FDOS and DHSMV compared DHSMV records with voter registration rolls to determine citizenship status.
An upcoming feature will even allow teens to take their DHSMV learners permit test online, meaning there will be no need to visit your local branch.
322.20, F.S., to require the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) to maintain conviction records for persons holding a foreign driver's license if the uniform traffic citation indicates an address located in Florida.
[section] 210.185(5) (cigarette distribution), 320.03(1) (DHSMV agents), 320.27(2) (vehicle dealer licensing), 624.125(2) (service agreements), 681.111 (lemon law), 501.97(2) (location advertising), 400.464(4)(b) (home health agencies), 400.93(6)(b) (home medical equipment providers), 483.305(3) (multiphasic health testing centers), 496.416 (charitable contributions), 501.160(3) (price gouging), 501.0579 (weight loss centers), 501.34 (aftermarket crash parts), 509.511 (campground memberships), 559.934 (sellers of travel), 624.129(4) (location and recovery services), 817.62(3)(c) (credit card factoring); CODE OF ORDINANCES, CITY OF FT.
Requires the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) to issue a Florida Golf specialty license plate.
Current law requires the DHSMV to provide those lists only once per year.