DHSSPSDepartment of Health Social Services and Public Safety (UK)
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DHSSPS (2006) Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults--Regional Adult Protection Policy and Procedural Guidance .
Children who are in care have been found to be ten times more likely to be excluded from school, 12 times more likely to leave school with no qualifications, four times more likely to be unemployed, 60 times more likely to join the ranks of the homeless, 50 times more likely to be sent to prison, and their own children are 66 times more likely to need public care (UK Joint Working Party on Foster Care, 1999; DHSSPS, 2006).
The DHSSPS called for Health Boards and Trusts to develop programs to enable the mothers of preschool children to access and register their children for dental care.
A spokesperson for the DHSSPS said: 'If the proposed emphasis on giving children the best start in life is retained in the final strategy, then health visitors are likely to have a role to play in this, but how that will differ from what they do at present, it is too early to say.
The current recommendation of the World Health Organization (2002) and UK health departments (DH, 2003; DHSSPS, 2004; NHS Health Scotland, 2010) is that solid foods should be introduced at around six months.
I would like to thank Dr Hilary Harrison of the DHSSPS and Ethel Johnston, former Chair of the Western Boards Adoption Panel, for their help in preparing these notes.
Prof Mike Mawhinney, Head of the Medicines Regulatory Group, DHSSPS, said: Those involved in animal health and who use veterinary medicines are reminded that they should only source medicines from legal and reputable suppliers.
Commenting on the upcoming action, a DHSSPS spokeswoman said: "There is ongoing pressure within our health and social care system and there is a very difficult financial year ahead with difficult decisions about the provision of direct health and social care services.
The Department of Health will continue the existing functions of DHSSPS, except for public safety.
A spokesman for the DHSSPS said: "Clinical excellence awards are contractual commitments and a scheme of this nature has been existing in the NHS across the UK for over 50 years.
He should rethink the budget once it has been confirmed how much the DHSSPS will receive from this funding.
A DHSSPS spokesman said: "The Governments both here in Northern Ireland and at Westminster have every sympathy with those UK patients who believe they have been adversely affected by Vioxx.