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DHTDistributed Hash Table (network storage)
DHTDigital Home Theater
DHTDanger Hardcore Team (record label)
DHTDavid Hume Tower (Edinburgh University)
DHTDirectly Heated Triode
DHTdance.house.trance (band)
DHTDeputy Head Teacher (UK)
DHTDobhoff Tube (feeding tube)
DHTDown Hole Tool (Petrostar Corporation)
DHTDental Hi Tec (France)
DHTDiesel Hydro-Treater
DHTDelayed Hypersensitivity Test (immunology)
DHTSaskatchewan Highways and Transportation (Canada; also seen as SHT)
DHTDecimation-Hadamard Transform
DHTDiversity Handover Trunk
DHTDehydrogenation Heat Treatment
DHTDiscrete Harley Transform
DHTDocuments pour l'Histoire des Techniques (French: Documents for the History of Technology)
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Balding areas of the scalp show increases in a potent form of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), while drugs that block conversion of testosterone to DHT can slow hair loss.
Like estriol, 3[beta]-adiol is a "good guy," and we want to regulate the production of DHT so that it is at a safe level.
At 24 hr posttransfection, the medium was aspirated and replaced with medium containing different concentrations DHT, testosterone, or different diastereomers of TBECH.
3) Sour Water Stripper Unit (SWS) to treat additional sour water generated from DHT.
Jane said:"The work which the DHT is doing is fantastic.
Sex hormones are an important predictor of mortality in older men, but we haven't determined if treatments to change testosterone and DHT levels can alter these outcomes," Yeap said.
We recorded the number of patients, concentration of DHT at baseline and after hCG stimulation, corresponding diagnostic cutoffs, methodology of the DHT assay, and findings of the mutational analysis of SRD5A2.
It's true that if DHT alone is considered, elevated levels of DHT might be thought to increase your prostate cancer risk, as DHT is a procarcinogenic (for the technically inclined, dedifferentiating) metabolite.
The DHT unit, which is aiming to produce diesel with less than ten parts per million (ppm) sulphur content with the Euro 5 specification, will be built and integrated into the existing Laffan refinery by 2014.
Wallabies and some rodents are known to be able to make DHT via two different routes, one of which bypasses testosterone completely.
Mytosterone also decreased DHT by 20% and estradiol by 9%.
DHT was separated, at ambient temperature, on a Phenomenex Aqua analytical column (250 x 4.