DHTSDuke Health Technology Solutions (Duke University Health System; Durham, NC)
DHTSDivision of Highway Traffic Safety (New Jersey)
DHTSDH (Diaphragmatic Hernia) with Tracheal Stenosis (pulmonary hypoplasia resesarch)
DHTSDelphi Harrison Thermal Systems
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DHTS induced autophagic cell death in colon cancer cells
DHTS induced time- and concentration-dependent LC3B-II accumulation and time-dependent degradation of p62 in HCT116 cells (Fig.
DHTS induced the translocation of AIF, cytochrome c, Bax and Bcl-xl
DHTS induced a time-dependent translocation of cytochrome c and A1F.
Apoptosis induced by DHTS was partially inhibited by AIF knockdown
The apoptosis induced by DHTS was partly inhibited by knockdown of AIF (Fig.
On heating DHTS and zinc oxide via DSC, a broad exotherm or gas evolution is observed beginning at 130[degrees]C and ending at 165[degrees]C.
Under post cure aging conditions, the maturated DHTS network continues to sustain the physical properties normally attributed to a conventional polysulfidic network.
The cure systems based on TBSI (compound 2), DHTS and BCI-MX (compounds 7-9) also can give improved reversion resistance in spite of the fact that these systems use the conventional sulfur level of 2.
1), DHTS is a bonding promoter for natural rubber to brass-coated steel cord adhesion.
Table 5 shows that sulfur loadings may be reduced in the presence of DHTS, without loss of adhesion, thus improving the compound stability.