DHUDirectX Happy Uninstall (software)
DHUDépartements Hospitalo-Universitaires (French: University Hospital Departments)
DHUDark Horse United (gaming clan)
DHUDirection de l'Hydraulique Urbaine (French: Directorate of Urban Water; Sénégal)
DHUData Handling Unit
DHUDansk Hockey Union
DHUDeutsche Homoeopathische Union (German Homoeopathic Union)
DHUDon't Hang Up
DHUDevelopers Hate You (Facebook application)
DHUDeck Hand Uncertified (ship deck worker with experience but no certificates)
DHUDetector Head Unit
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DHU] is the rated seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) (Btu output/Wh input) of the DHU
Per Figure 2, although the DHU is used primarily during summer cooling months while the ERV operates continuously year round, their respective total energy consumption values are actually closely equivalent.
2]), assuming that the DHU performed at its rated SEER.
The decision to use a DHU was made, in part, out of necessity due to the lack of traditional ducted forced air systems available in the necessary capacity.
During this time, the DHU was able to maintain its set cooling temperature despite full operation of the electric resistance heat.
Because the DHU was located in a relatively confined stairwell space, it tended to heat up the stairwell quickly and turn itself off because its temperature sensor is located on the DHU, while traditional forced air systems have their temperature sensors located remotely from the unit at a user interface.
The DHU was effective in cooling the house to uniform interior temperatures throughout the summer; however, its placement within the house proved detrimental to its ability to heat the house in the winter.
6 [micro]mol/L; DHU, 4 [micro]mol/L; N-C-[beta]-AIB, 0.
Patients with a DHP deficiency accumulate DHT and DHU and exhibit slightly increased concentrations of the pyrimidine bases.
The method used to measure DHT, DHU, N-C-[beta]-AIB, and N-C-[beta]-Ala is time-consuming and not entirely specific because dihydrouridine is hydrolyzed to (3-alanine as well.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: DPD, dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase; DHT, dihydrothymine; DHU, dihydrouracil; N-C-[beta]-AIB, N-carbamyl-[beta]-aminoisobutyric acid; N-C-[beta]-Ala, N-carbamyl-[beta]-alanine; [beta]-UP, [beta]-ureidopropionase; 5FU, 5-fluorouracil; ESI, electrospray ionization; MS/MS, tandem mass spectrometry; and IS, internal standard.
Parent Daughter Cone ion, ion, voltage, Compound Mass m/z m/z V Thymine 126 127 110 35 Uracil 112 113 70 35 DHT 128 129 69 35 DHU 114 115 73 35 N-C-[beta]-AIB 146 147 129 20 N-C-[beta]-Ala 132 133 90 30 [sup.