DHUDDepartment of Housing & Urban Development
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The establishment of a DHUD was one of the more urgent proposals made during the Congress-sponsored 2015 National Summit Housing on Housing and Urban Development.
Benitez recalled that the DHUD bill has been part of Congress' legislative dockets since the 8th Congress up to the 17th Congress.
Benitez lamented that attempts to pass a DHUD bill have been sincere and strong that the Lower House was able to pass it on third and final reading twice, but was derailed due to various reasons.
The DHUD bill has been pending in Congress for more than two decades.
The DHUD must be so created as the highest national policy-making body empowered to address housing in its totality by encompassing four major aspects: housing finance, production, regulation and administration.
The existing appropriation for HUDCC, including personnel and assets, is transferred to the DHUD, creating a simply-structured, lean and mean Department.
We hope that our honorable lawmakers can finally steer the passage of the DHUD bill.
In its omnibus DHUD bill version in 2001, CREBA clearly indicated under Sections 13, 14 and 15, the creation of a Centralized Home Financing Program (CHFP), the operationalization of a Securitization Program and the establishment of a Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Fund taking into account the above-stated fund sources that shall be devoted solely for housing production and finance, and which funds shall not be used for the administrative or operational cost of the Department or any of its attached corporations or agencies
Our position has remained consistent for the past 2 decades: that the DHUD need not be structured with the usual full complement of bureaus and service divisions," said CREBA national president Noel Toti M.
Senator Loren Legarda earlier revived the proposed creation of DHUD which will be the primary national government entity responsible for the management of housing and urban development.
Binay said the creation of the housing department will streamline government functions as DHUD merges the functions of the HUDCC and the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).
He dismissed reservations that the creation of the DHUD would add to government expenses.