DHWGDigital Home Working Group
DHWGDeployment Health Working Group (US DoD)
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The DHWG design guidelines will utilize well-known and established standards such as Internet Protocol (IP), UPnP (TM), Wi-Fi (TM), and other common formats.
Based on these guidelines, a set of programs including certification, compliance logos, marketing and promotion, will be considered by the group and made available to DHWG members.
We are pleased that the Digital Home Working Group has recognized the importance of the home networking standards developed by CEA and we look forward to collaborating on compliance and potential logo programs with DHWG for the benefit of consumers," said Gary Shapiro, chief executive officer, CEA.
Fujitsu Limited welcomes the establishment of the DHWG and is proud to participate in this collaborative effort as a founding member.
IBM's participation in the DHWG is the latest in its efforts to drive this new, open, standards-based vision of pervasive computing -- giving consumers technology that is more transparent and easy-to-use.
The environment proposed by the DHWG becomes an important key for promoting Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems -- the most promising business segment in the 21st century, identified as KENWOOD's NEW VISION.
will support DHWG and participate as the initial member.
The establishment of the DHWG based on principles of open standards and home networking interoperability, we believe, will unleash a rich digital media environment of interconnected devices that enable us all to experience our favorite content and services wherever and whenever we want.