DHZDoe Het Zelf (Dutch: Do It Yourself)
DHZDeutsche HandwerksZeitung (German)
DHZDie Hobby Zocker (German: Amateur Gamblers; gaming clan)
DHZDeadly Headsh0t Ztrikerz (German gaming clan)
DHZDeutsche Hochschullehrer Zeitung (German: German University Newspaper)
DHZDegenerating Hypertrophied Zone
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1 PGxHealth scientists will collaborate with researchers at DHZ to conduct one of the largest retrospective case/control studies to date to validate genetic variants associated with response to clopidogrel.
Sibbing and his colleagues at DHZ are at the forefront of cardiovascular research and this collaboration will expand our knowledge, as well as support the development of a test that is highly predictive of individual response to clopidogrel.
Additional sites participating in the clinical trial are German Heart Center DHZ - Berlin, University of Vienna, and LaPitie and Henri Mondor in Paris.