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DIADDoN (Department of the Navy) Integrated Architecture Database
DIADDMS (Defense Message System) Integrated Architectural Database
DIADDelivery Information Acquisition Device (UPS)
DIADDone in A Day
DIADDetection of Ischemia in Asymptomatic Diabetics (clinical study)
DIADDépannage Informatique a Domicile (French: Troubleshooting Home Computer)
DIADDrum Information Assembler/Dispatcher
DIADDIrectory ADvertising (Polylogics Consulting, Inc. software)
DIADDiisopropyl azo dicarboxylate
DIADDestruction of Integrated Air Defense
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The problem in generalizing from DIAD and FACTOR-64 to the overall population of asymptomatic diabetic patients is that both studies were conducted in asymptomatic patients at the lower end of the cardiovascular risk spectrum.
Al igual que en el estudio DIAD, el porcentaje total de pacientes sometidos a angiografia coronaria (13.
From data of two decades on consensus building experiences, Innes and Booher (2010) presented a descriptive and normative model called Diversity, Interdependence, and Authentic Dialogue or DIAD.
But the ambassador kept at it and started insulting Peru as a country of ignorant people, doomed and "full of Indians," Castro told DiaD television.
Sefydliad y GwyddOrau BiOlegOl, AmgylcheddOl a Gwledig (IBERS) PrifysgOl n rhagl diad Sefydliad y GwyddOrau BiOlegOl, AmgylcheddOl a Gwledig (IBERS) PrifysgOl Aberystwyth sy'n arwain rhaglen BEACON mewn cydweithrediad a'i bartneriaid ym MhrifysgOliOn BangOr ac Abertawe.
The total 'trans' conformer (t) content and the calculated 'trans' diad (-t-t-) and triad (-t-t-t-) sequence probabilities were correlated to the % crystallinity.
As Valente points out, the elimination or smoothing over of Cuchulain's "unmanly" behavior (for example, in the Fer Diad 1 episode of the ?
If opera-goers who remember Franco Zeffirelli's dark, grandiose production for the Metropolitan Opera some years back may have been tempted to give him an argument, he presented his case so persuasively on stage, by viewing Lorenzo da Ponte's characters through a commedia diad ell'artelens to reveal them as comic types, that skepticism felt disarmed.
Detection Of Silent Myocardial Ischaemia In Asymptomatic Diabetic Subjects: The Diad Study.
In close relations, in a diad, when social behaviour develops in close surroundings (with no direct observers), the need for active controlling the mutual impressions weakens in time.
The 19-year-old UAE prodigy put together consistent rounds of 73 and 72 for an impressive one-under-par total of 145, beating his nearest challengers Ali Saleh Ali and Mohammad Diad Al Naomi, both of Bahrain, by a good four shots.