DIAFDie in A Fire
DIAFDashanzi International Art Festival (Beijing, China)
DIAFData Integrity Assurance Framework
DIAFDominant Introverted Abstract Feeler (Jung personality type indicator)
DIAFDeutsches Institut für Animationsfilm eV (German)
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I wish the corporates were generous and the Ministry of Culture had an apportioned budget for DIAF.
The National Opera with Chinese drums and martial arts from Taiwan are highlights of DIAF 2015
Besides art and handicraft exhibitions at Dilli Haat, IGNCA and NGMA, DIAF will also host a fashion show by designers from the North- east on November 9.
The first two years of DIAF had seen many sessions that we had done away with later on", says Prathibha Prahlad, festival director.
This initiative of DIAF will see famous authors interacting with students from various Delhi schools.
Scottish Dance Theatre makes its first tour to India with DIAF 2012.
The hitch is that neither the DIAF, nor the Osian's film festival has given itself a permanent date on the city's cultural calendar; this year's Osian's film festival was earlier scheduled to be held in July but was shifted to October, taking into account the weather and other constraints.
The fourth star of the event was lyricist, poet Javed Akhtar, who came in an hour late, with the DIAF director and Bharatanatyam dancer Pratibha Prahlad.
1-553 Dexter Chemical LLC 3-623 DIAF AS 4-124 Dimed Lackrohstoffe GmbH 3-341 Deutsches Institut fur Normung e.