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DIAGDisbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (Afghanistan)
DIAGDisarmament of Illegal Armed Groups
DIAGDigital Image Applications Group
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No one can disobey order of tribal elders in their areas of influence because they had an important role in society and should not be ignored, secretary of DIAG Abdul Aziz Ahmadzai said.
Over 66 illegally armed groups were disarmed and over 105 groups were registered to the DIAG all over the country, Ahmadzai said adding that over 45,000 heavy and light weapons had been recovered from illegal armed groups in the country.
The workshop emphasised the positive effect of DIAG on communities and underlined the government and donors ability to commit increasing assistance to areas which had become safe, secure and free of arms.
In a statement, ANBP said the Workshop was part of people-centred initiatives launched throughout Afghanistan to develop a better understanding of DIAG on how the process would benefit communities through compliance of commanders.
By accepting to surrender their weapons, a UNAMA statement said, the commanders were supporting DIAG, a government-led programme intending to eradicate the influence of illegal armed groups in the country, allowing the consolidation of peace, rule of law and prosperity in Afghanistan.
Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the governor and provincial authorities, a number of commanders have demonstrated compliance with the process, paving the way for Logar province to be one of the provinces of Afghanistan in conformity with the requirements of DIAG, the statement added.