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Diags, Arg and Joey went as The Three Musketeers but Diags wasn't happy.
(See Diags. 2-4.) You may also occasionally see a fade route, but many coaches and coordinators will often call on the fade route when in or near the red zone.
It can be run out of a single back set with a slot receiver running the underneath shovel or with a two-back set (Diags. 3 and 4).
It's going to be largely up to Georgina and Joey's (somehow never before mentioned) best mate and rubbish wingman Diags to plug the gap left by Mark, Kirk and Harry.
Coaching points: If the initial pass entry from 1 to 3 (Diags. 1-3) is denied, we execute a dribbling exchange.
Diags. 11-13 give examples of this adjustment: Cover 3.
Diags. 1-2: The first defensive alignment is called "Smother" since it has every defender playing his man in somewhat of a pressure stance.
Diags. 5 through 10 show some basic formations with defensive reactions.
Diags. 1-3 provide samples of our off-season strength workouts.
Explaining the predicament to Diags, Chloe said: "Joey's not happy about it, he's going mad.