DIAHCDubai International Arabian Horse Championship (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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We are proud that the DIAHC is now recognised as one of the major horse shows in the world and we will continue to maintain and build on the high standards which have elevated it to the highest level," he said.
The DIAHC also aims to promote the breeders of Arabian horses and those involved at the studs and various organisations.
The championship for foals was being held for the first time at the DIAHC following the success at other events around the region.
Khaled Al Haddad, Emirates District Manager for Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, said that in keeping with Emirates' role in promoting sports, they were delighted to be sponsoring the DIAHC.
The DIAHC is essentially a beauty competition for horses.
Offering prize money totalling $4 million, the DIAHC is one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the world and attracted over 400 horses from over 20 countries.
Speaking about the event which is expected to host participants from more than 200 companies, Board Member --Higher Organizing Committee of DIHF and DIAHC, Mr Abdulla Quassem, said, "At DIHF this year, with 20 percent growth in exhibition space and additional features spanning a variety of entertainment and educational options, we are anticipating an even greater success of this much awaited event.