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DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIAMData Independent Accessing Model
DIAMDrug Interactions Analysis and Management (reference guide)
DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency memorandum (US DoD)
DIAMDivision of Imaging and Applied Mathematics
DIAMDiffusion Internationale d'Articles Manufacturés (French: International Diffusion of Manufactured Goods)
DIAMDiffusion Art Musique (French: Art Music Distribution)
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Coric's easy-to-use dashboards and out-of-the-box workflows will allow DIAM management to effectively monitor report delivery.
Diam International is the world's leading retail merchandising solutions provider.
has been a tremendous partner to DIAM and has been instrumental in helping us execute our growth strategy," said Michel Vaissaire, Chief Executive Officer of DIAM.
At the evening, as well as the owner of the Scolca Chiara Soldati, will be present "the Director General of Diam Bouchage Dominique Tourneix and Sales Director for Italy, Jean Luc Ribot.
Ross Schneiderman, Executive Vice President of NAI Friedland, represented Diam International and Leonard Zimmerman and David Schneck of Grubb Ellis represented Qwest Communications.
A user of SimCorp Dimension for over five years, DIAM International had three key requirements for its new front-office suite.
The recently completed expansion will enable G3 to continue to provide the highest quality Diam closures through improved productivity and the industry's best quality control," said John Kalal, G3 Enterprises, Vice President and General Manager for Manufacturing.
Commenting on the development, DIAM commercial director Dean Banister said: "This recent challenge is yet another positive validation of the Diamant process, and of the DIAM closure in itself, highlighting the inferior nature of other cork based closure solutions.
Benjamin Bullmer, GDP's CEO who will continue on with DIAM, commented, "The economic environment and globalization have highlighted that GDP would be greatly strengthened by a merger with the leading player in the industry.
He will also continue to serve as chief operating officer of DIAM and executive director of DENSO Corporation.
Does the Diam cork solve this enormous wine industry problem?
New F11 nozzles from Thermoplay of Italy (represented here by ALBA Enterprises) have 11-mm diam.