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DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIAMData Independent Accessing Model
DIAMDrug Interactions Analysis and Management (reference guide)
DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency memorandum (US DoD)
DIAMDivision of Imaging and Applied Mathematics
DIAMDiffusion Internationale d'Articles Manufacturés (French: International Diffusion of Manufactured Goods)
DIAMDiffusion Art Musique (French: Art Music Distribution)
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Once produced in Spain, the Diam corks are transported to the company's location in Ceret (South of France) or to one of its other processing plants such as its Napa, Calif.
Developed jointly by Oeneo Bouchage and the French Atomic Energy Commission's Fluids and Membranes Laboratory, DIAM presently has over 500 user accounts worldwide.
Australian winemaker Marquee Artisan Wines is bringing a new line of Classic "Q" wines closed under DIAM to the U.
We announced prior to the tasting that wines bottled under all-natural cork would probably score a bit higher than DIAM given that they are the standard throughout the world," said Eric Mercier, President of Sabate USA.
Tetrasporangial conceptacles are lateral, hemispherical, 200-340 [micro]m in diam.
Capital said it has closed the sale of DIAM International to French private equity firm LBO France.
DIAM, with a staff of over 1,300, is active in 13 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia.
The reason why they're all fired up is to do with the humble wine cork--in particular the Diam closure, for which Newpro Packaging was established as the sole New Zealand distributor.
represented Diam International in its sublease of 700 Executive Boulevard in Ehnsford, a one-story, modern, 105,00 s/f building.
announced the sale of DIAM International ("DIAM" or the "Company") to LBO France, a leading French private equity firm.
by Times News Service A file photo of Oman Sail Diam 24 boat
4m) short-term bank facilities of Indian company Sim Diam Private Limited, engaged in importing rough diamonds and exporting cut and polished diamonds.