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DIAMONDDevelopment and Integration of Accurate Mathematical Operations in Numerical Data-Processing
DIAMONDDiplomatic and Military Operations in a Non-warfighting Domain
DIAMONDDanish Investigation of Arrhythmia and Mortality on Dofetilide
DIAMONDDefense Intrusion Analysis & Monitoring Desk
DIAMONDDow Industrial Average Model New Deposit Shares
DIAMONDDHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) Intake and Measurement of Neural Development (clinical trial)
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Preserved by three Brahmins, the inviolate deity, bearing the Yellow Diamond in its forehead, was removed by night, and was transported to the second of the sacred cities of India-- the city of Benares.
The deity breathed the breath of his divinity on the Diamond in the forehead of the god.
Then the fever took him again, and he fell down and began to rave about Suliman's Mountains, and the diamonds, and the desert.
With my own eyes I have seen the countless diamonds stored in Solomon's treasure chamber behind the white Death; but through the treachery of Gagool the witch-finder I might bring nought away, scarcely my life.
A stout countess of sixty, decolletee, painted, wrinkled with rouge up to her drooping eyelids, and diamonds twinkling in her wig, is a wholesome and edifying, but not a pleasant sight.
And the diamonds--"Where the doose did you get the diamonds, Becky?" said her husband, admiring some jewels which he had never seen before and which sparkled in her ears and on her neck with brilliance and profusion.
"To one in Edmond's position the diamond certainly was of great value.
Surely the diamond was as large as a nut to be worth all that."
To prove it he pointed to a great diamond in the middle of his shirt-front with a little finger loaded with another just like it: which of our bloated princes could show a pair like that?
O'Reilly," said the duke, leading him into the chapel, "look at these diamond studs, and tell me what they are worth apiece."
I was thankful when the morning light appeared, and when I judged by the silence that the serpents had retreated to their dens I came tremblingly out of my cave and wandered up and down the valley once more, kicking the diamonds contemptuously out of my path, for I felt that they were indeed vain things to a man in my situation.
"Can you arrange the locket," Alban asked, "so that the side on which the diamonds appear hangs outward?"