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DIANADescriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation for Ada
DIANAData Intensive and Network Aware (computer science)
DIANADistance Geometry Algorithm for NMR Applications
DIANADIsplacement Analyzer
DIANAH6000 Disk Analysis System (Honeywell)
DIANADetect Immobilized Amplified Nucleic Acids
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Mobley said that it's possible that Princess Diana herself chose the jewelry as her (http://people.
July 29 1981 Diana marries the Prince of Wales at St Paul's Cathedral and becomes HRH The Princess of Wales and a future Queen.
It is said that the original biography was published with the full cooperation of and input from Diana.
Alexa Chung referenced the early Diana in her collection for M&S, with a pie crust blouse that got fashion's chattering classes excited but didn't set Sauchiehall Street alight.
And one man featured in the show confirmed one of its most upsetting revelations - that Diana was in meltdown because she feared a plot to take her sons away from her.
Naomi Watts, an excellent actress, does her best to convey Diana In Love.
During the inquest into Diana's death Hasnat Khan went on public record, confirming that he was the man who had stolen the heart of the Queen of Hearts, as Diana famously declared herself in a BBC interview following her divorce from Prince Charles.
Diana refused to reveal the exact percentage of Unicharm's holdings, but the newspaper Nikkei reports that Unicharm would hold a 95% stake in the Vietnamese company.
Diana resplendent embroidered and beaded ivory duchess satin evening dress, whilst much more elaborate this outfit reminds us a little of Kate Middleton's outfit worn on the evening of her wedding, fitted waist, full skirt and cropped bolero, whereas Kate wore a fluffy angora cardi to finish of her outfit A very young Diana pictured needing a little style advice, wearing a rather frumpy full length floral frock for a formal event Diana seen wearing a coat that on a previous occasion she had worn with a Russian style fur hat, a look that Kate has certainly borrowed in the past.
He comes from a broken home and an acrimonious divorce - as did Diana.
According to the Jordanian daily Al Rai, the famous Jordanian artist Diana Karazon married Egyptian artist Mustafa Qamar in the desert near the October 6th area of Cairo in their new television drama series "Muntaha Al Ishiq" (Extreme passion).