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DIANEDirect Information Access Network for Europe
DIANEDiversified Information and Assistance Network (Tennessee Valley Authority)
DIANEDigital Integrated Attack and Navigation Equipment
DIANEDenver Institutional Area Network Environment (Colorado)
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They were, in fact, Damoiselle Fleur-de-Lys de Gondelaurier and her companions, Diane de Christeuil, Amelotte de Montmichel, Colombe de Gaillefontaine, and the little de Champchevrier maiden; all damsels of good birth, assembled at that moment at the house of the dame widow de Gondelaurier, on account of Monseigneur de Beaujeu and Madame his wife, who were to come to Paris in the month of April, there to choose maids of honor for the Dauphiness Marguerite, who was to be received in Picardy from the hands of the Flemings.
asked Diane de Christeuil with a laugh; for she had handsome teeth, and consequently laughed on every occasion.
Rather savagely dressed," said Diane de Christeuil, laughing to show her fine teeth.
At this reply uttered carelessly by the captain, like a stray stone, whose fall one does not even watch, Colombe began to laugh, as well as Diane, Amelotte, and Fleur-de-Lys, into whose eyes at the same time a tear started.
Here's a terrible name for a young lady," said Diane.
Her slender and well-defined outlines reminded an artist of the Venus of the Middle Ages rendered by Jean Goujon, the illustrious sculptor of Diane de Poitiers.
Remembering Diane's passion for reading, James told how Diane had taken to writing and had written a piece titled "Indomitable" which he reminded mourners was defined as unwavering strength.
Kind Diane, 51, was a rock when her best friend Leanne Priddis, 28, told her she was pregnant by a mystery man who had dumped her.
Diane is hoping to clinch funds for care and rehabilitation, along with specialist equipment and adapted accommodation.
Diane, Carmen, and Maurice then moved into an apartment nearby, so Maurice didn't have to switch schools again.