DIAPDepartamento de Investigação E Acção Penal (Portugese: Department of Investigation and Prosecution)
DIAPDefense Information Assurance Program
DIAPDevelopment and Institutional Advancement Program (Association of Theological Schools)
DIAPDrosophila Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein
DIAPDeutsche Internationale Abiturprüfung
DIAPDemocracy in America Project
DIAPData and Information Acquisition Plan (UK)
DIAPDatascope Improved Ascii Protocol (interface for programmatically retrieving vital signs readings)
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After 9/11, the establishment of DIAP dismantled the unpopular DODIPP in favor of a decentralized program that essentially allowed each member to perform the entire breadth of capabilities for its respective organizations, which in turn created enterprise-wide duplications and redundancies.
After DOD funding decreased in 2014 and 2015, DIAP was the only vehicle through which the enterprise could implement changes to defense intelligence processes adjusted to diminished resources.
For the chart's future development, planners at the DIAP are considering several ideas.
The DIAP analyst points out that the Lula government has opened "direct channels of dialogue with the unions and the popular movements" and notes that the labor federations were officially recognized by the government in 2008.
This consultation relates to a purchase-order contract for infrastructure works and VRD, all areas (public or operated under Customs) on the platform of the Orly airport for DIAP unit.
and objectives DIAP people Tulcea, as specified specifications.
Security services Tulcea DIAP objectives as specified in the specifications.
A part will be developed by DIAP, and another part by Temasek Fairway and West Jurong Channel, which will be realigned and deepened to specified levels.
DIAP will use spud grab dredgers and its suction hopper dredger for the work.