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DIAPPERSDelirium; Infection (urinary); Atrophic urethritis and vaginitis; Pharmaceuticals; Psychologic Disorders (especially depression); Excessive urine output; Restricted mobility; Stool impaction (mnemonic for treatable causes of urinary incontinence)
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While evaluating UI in the frail elderly patient, it is reasonable to look for the 7 possible causes of transient UI described by the acronym and mnemonic DIAPPERS (Delirium, Infection, Atrophic vaginitis, Psychological, Pharmacologic, Excess urine output, Restricted mobility and Stool impaction).
In 1985, geriatrician Dr Neil M Resnick, chief of the division of geriatrics at the University of Pittsburgh, proposed the mnemonic DIAPPERS for the following treatable causes of urinary incontinence: delirium, infection, atrophic urethritis and vaginitis, pharmaceuticals, psychologic disorders, excessive urine output (such as from heart failure of hyperglycemia), restricted mobility, and stool impaction (N.
Transient causes of incontinence are shown in Table 3, and can be recalled using the mnemonic DIAPPERS.