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DIAPPERSDelirium; Infection (urinary); Atrophic urethritis and vaginitis; Pharmaceuticals; Psychologic Disorders (especially depression); Excessive urine output; Restricted mobility; Stool impaction (mnemonic for treatable causes of urinary incontinence)
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The DIAPPERS acronym (described in Table 2) identifies potential causes of transient UI (Dowling-Castronovo, 2007; Resnick & Yalla, 1985).
In 1985, geriatrician Dr Neil M Resnick, chief of the division of geriatrics at the University of Pittsburgh, proposed the mnemonic DIAPPERS for the following treatable causes of urinary incontinence: delirium, infection, atrophic urethritis and vaginitis, pharmaceuticals, psychologic disorders, excessive urine output (such as from heart failure of hyperglycemia), restricted mobility, and stool impaction (N.