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DIARYDear I Always Remember You
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The reading of the extracts from the letters and the extracts from the Diary began.
The correspondence of the prisoner, which had been found, with his Diary, in the locked bed-table drawer, was produced next.
We propose," the learned counsel continued, "to read certain passages from the prisoner's Diary, in which the name signed at the end of the letter occurs more than once; and we may possibly find other means of identifying the writer, to the satisfaction of your lordships, before the Trial is over.
The promised passages from my husband's private Diary were now read.
In the diary was set down everything in the children's lives that seemed noteworthy to their mother as showing their characters or suggesting general reflections on educational methods.
On the other hand, I have continued to fold my clothes, and to keep my little diary.
Without my diary, I doubt--pray let me express it in the grossest terms
My diary informs me, that I was accidentally passing Aunt Verinder's house in Montagu Square, on Monday, 3rd July, 1848.
The name of the firm is accidentally blotted in my diary, and my sacred regard for truth forbids me to hazard a guess in a matter of this kind.
On the next page of the Diary, another entry appears.
Levin, not without an inner struggle, handed her his diary.
The last entry in his diary was made the morning following her death, and there he recites the sad details in a matter-of- fact way that adds to the pathos of it; for it breathes a tired apathy born of long sorrow and hopelessness, which even this cruel blow could scarcely awake to further suffering: