DIATDigital Infrared Audio Transmission
DIATDefence Institute of Advanced Technology (Pune, India)
DIATDigital Infrared Audio Transmission (Sony)
DIATDenso International Asia Co., Ltd
DIATDismounted Incident Analysis Team (US Army)
DIATDominant Introverted Abstract Thinker (Jung personality type indicator)
DIATDynamic IP (Internet Protocol) Address Translation
DIATDCGS Integration Activation Team
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I am happy to note that DIAT has academic and research collaboration with a number of institutions in our country and abroad," he added.
For each plate, the DIAT determined the percentage of the plate's surface area covered by spotting or filming, and these figures were compared for each formulation.
Operations for DIAT are scheduled to start in the spring of 2008, by which time the company plans to employ approximately 210 people.