DIATADublin International Aviation Training Academy (Dublin, Ireland)
DIATADigital Image Analysis and Its Applications
DIATADirect Injection, Aluminum, Throughbolt Assembly (Ford Motor Company)
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applied tough defense to deny Sina good looks at the basket, but thanks to Diata Sina's fortunes turned around as he found the space for an inbound pass play to Rosero, who was left open for a cut inside the paint and dug it in as Sina snatched the game from L.S.C.
[23.] Okeih SO, Moussa Sie S, Diata O, Osiname A, Toure F, Nwiline A and KA Okeleye Responses of Upland NERICA Rice to Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Forest Agro-ecosystems.
Friday, June 24: EGS Gafsa 2 Amir Dridi (42), Ayoub Kramti (50) J.S Kairouan 0 Saturday, June 25: Stade Tunisien 0 CS Hammam-Lif 0 AS GabE s 0 ES Zarzis 0 Match stopped at 97' because of incidents ES Sahel 2 Lamjed Chehoudi (69), Ahmed Akaichi (89) ES Hammam-Sousse 1 Lamine Diata (22 o.g) Standings: P P 1.
But Lamine Diata, his chief of staff, said that Dabo had been sleeping next to his wife when the men broke into his residence and opened fire, killing him instantly.
BET Resina Fortaleza acida ([m.sup.2]/g) SAC13 Ho [mayor que o igual a]-12 92 (96 % [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]) [DELTA][delta] = 50-51 ppm (85% [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]) * Amberlyst15 Ho = -2,2 [DELTA][delta] = 51 32,4 ppm (45% [H.sub.2] S[O.sub.4]) * Amberlite ibid gel IR-120 (diata) Dowex50X2 ibid gel (diata) Diametro prom.
The engine used in the P2000 LSR is a four-cylinder, 1.2 L, direct injection, DIATA (direct injection, aluminum through-bolt assembly) aluminum diesel engine built by Ford.
Ford's P2000 DIATA prototype gets 63 miles per gallon.
Also, Ford has an experimental gas-powered family vehicle, the P2000 DIATA, that produces low emissions and gets 65 mpg.
Ford also showed off a prototype lightweight vehicle called the P2000 DIATA that gets 63 miles to the gallon.
The Diesel Research Team at Ford Motor Co.'s Research Lab in Dearborn, Mich., is developing the Diata, a small compression-ignition, direct-injection aluminum engine to power a future ultrahigh-mileage hybrid vehicle.
Akpene Diata Hoggar, Miss Universe-Ghana 2018 has arrived in Thailand, for the international finals of this year's Miss Universe pageant scheduled to come off at the Impact, Muang Thong Thani in the Thai capital, Bangkok on Monday, December 17.