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DICADiagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents (psychiatry)
DICADiving Instructor Certification Agency (various locations)
DICADefense Industrial Cooperation Agreement
DICADiabetes Informatie Centrum Amsterdam (Dutch: Diabetes Information Center Amsterdam; Netherlands)
DICADistrict in Corrective Action (school improvement status)
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The primary purpose of the DICA security family is to protect private and sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands," said Frank Piepiorra, President of DICA Technologies, Inc.
The DICA security family can reduce that liability for communications carried by ISDN.
This is a natural and logical step following our 1998 merger with Data TeleMark GmbH," said Frank Piepiorra, president and CEO of DICA Technologies.
0 is available as an integrated technology through Nortel Networks and the top 10 server manufactures, including, IBM, Dell, NEC, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu-Siemens, Stratacache, Microbits, DICA and Legend.
Cylink is offering the encryptors under an original equipment manufacturer's agreement with DICA Technologies, a Germany-based supplier of communication products.