DICARDanish International Center for Analytical Reporting
DICARDansk Institut for Computer Assisted Reporting (Danish Institute)
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The proposal called for transferring the wharf to another location away from its contaminated surroundings, said Dicar, who helped form a local cooperative in the Honda Bay jetty to provide organized ferry services to tourists on island-hopping tours.
(11) La primera investigacion de la linea de investigacion DICAR, realizada en el 2008, bajo el titulo "Prospeccion etnografica del cambio religioso en Manizales", encontro que alrededor de 80 iglesias nuevas se habian fundado en la ciudad entre los anos 1990 y 2010.
(16) En: informe de trabajo da campo de Noe Arteaga (estudiante del semillero de investigacion DICAR).
Scott Lucas, in one of the few articles on the controversy, also dates it as 1551; see Lucas, 'Diggon Davie and Davy Dicar: Edmund Spenser, Thomas Churchyard, and the Poetics of Public Protest', Spenser Studies, 16 (2002), 151-66.
Despite the conventionality of these complaints, however, the poem not only provoked a scathing response from Thomas Camell (To Dauid Dicars when); it also incurred the displeasure of the Privy Council, a reminder of the fluid and reactive nature of censorship in the unpredictable political climate of sixteenth-century England, where 'matter deemed uncontroversial in one month might be intolerably offensive in the next'.
(1) DICAR: http://www.dicar.dk/research/databank/EUsupport.htm
Dicar was referring to the rehabilitation done by the government at the wharf, a land feature artificially formed from tons of mercury ore dumped at the bay by PQMI in the 1970s and which now hosts a community of over 300 households, including government-owned structures.
According to Dicar, people here largely depend on tourism activities around Honda Bay, the second biggest natural attraction in Puerto Princesa City, next only to the famous Underground River.
En el caso de la ciudad de Manizales, solamente se ha encontrado un trabajo que hace referencia al tema resultado de trabajo de grado de maestria (Lopez, 1999), razon por la cual en el ano 2007, nos interesamos en configurar una linea de investigacion interdisciplinaria sobre el fenomeno religioso con el titulo Diversidad y Cambio Religioso (DICAR) (3).
curribus Automedon lentisque erat aptus habenis, 5 Tiphys in Haemonia puppe magister erat: me Venus artificem tenero praefecit Amori; Tiphys et Automedon dicar Amoris ego.
(1) Technical University of Bari, DICAR, Via Orabona 4, 70125 Bari, Italy