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DICERDigital Information Center for Environment Research (South Korea)
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"The 2nd knife in the line is the Dicer 3 Paring knife.
(2011) analizaron la expresion, durante el desarrollo embrionario bovino, del gen Dicer que participa en el procesamiento de los miRNAs; encontraron que Dicer se expresa en el ovocito inmaduro, maduro y en el embrion de 2-4 celulas, para despues decaer en el embrion de 8-16 celulas y volver a expresarse en la morula, tiempo que coincide con la activacion del genoma embrionario en bovino.
By using the Dicer enzyme as the entry point into RNAi, the GalXC approach seeks to optimize the activity of the RNAi pathway so that it operates in the most specific and potent fashion.
Genetic ablation of dicer in adult forebrain neurons results in abnormal tau hyperphosphorylation and neurodegeneration.
Deletion of Drosha or Dicer in T cells evidenced the important function of miRNA in T lymphocytes [95-97].
Accumulation of TTSa-RNAs in tumor samples might reflect the previously reported deregulation of the expression of RNAi components, such as DICER, AGO2, and AGO1 in cancer cells [45].
Holac is a world leader in meat dicing and cubing technology and offers a complete range of Dicers for applications of all types and sizes.
The aim of the present study was to investigate altered levels of Dicer miRNA in patients with ALL and CLL.
Each individual hamper includes a Nicer Dicer Plus, the Hands-Free Can Opener, Vegetti 2.0 (for turning veg into spaghetti in seconds), a GoChef, a Nutri Blitzer and the brand new Lotus Wok recently launched by celebrity chef Ching He Huang (above).
A number of key protein components involved in the RNAi pathways have been reported in plant and invertebrates mainly including Dicer (Dic), R2D2, Loquacious (Loq) and Argonaute (Argo) (Liu et al., 2003; Liu et al., 2006; Makarova et al., 2009; Swevers et al., 2011; Wu et al., 2013).
The cooking center is a completely functional mini kitchen with upper and lower cabinets for storage, two fold-down tables for counter space, an induction stovetop where the surface area around the pan doesn't get hot, a cutting board, mixer, a mechanical arm to help pour ingredients into bowls, and a sheer and dicer.
La ruta del RNAi se inicia con el ingreso de un dsRNA activador de cadena larga al interior de la celula, que rapidamente se corta en pequenos trozos de 21 a 28 pares de bases mediante la accion de la enzima Dicer (ribonucleasa III) que tiene la particularidad de reconocer y cortar el dsRNA en lugares especificos (Provost et al., 2002; Shuey et al., 2002; Aagard & Rossi, 2007).